Our Services

We are a home visiting program that serves pregnant individuals and families with children from birth to three years old in Pierce County. Our goal is to partner with you in supporting the healthy growth and development of your child and family. Interpreters are available to families as needed.

Weekly Home Visits

Weekly home visits are a fun and interactive time for you and your child to participate in learning activities together with the support of your home visitor. We believe that you are your child’s best teacher, and we will partner with you in supporting your child’s development and learning.

  • We use a curriculum called Parents As Teachers (PAT), which provides information and activities to support your child’s development and learning during home visits and throughout the week between visits.
  • Our curriculum focuses on three different areas: 
    • Parent/child interactions
    • Development-centered parenting
    • Family well-being
  • During home visits, you will have time to engage in activities with your child while also learning about child development and other parenting topics that are of interest to you. 
  • You and your Home Visitor will work together to plan visits that meet the individual needs of your child and family.
  • Home visits are typically 90 minutes, Monday – Friday, and scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient for you and your Home Visitor.

Parent-Child Playgroups 

In addition to weekly home visits, you will have the opportunity to participate in our Playgroup. At Playgroups, you and your child will engage in activities in a group setting with other infants and toddlers and their families. Playgroups also provide a first classroom experience for children and help them feel ready for preschool. 

  • Our playgroups are for enrolled families only.
  • Playgroups are held twice per month at three locations. 
  • Playgroups offer a variety of activities such as: circle time, art, sensory exploration, and free play time for you and your child to experience together.
  • A healthy snack is provided at each Playgroup.
  • You will have opportunities to connect with other parents at Playgroup.
  • Transportation and/or mileage reimbursement is available to and from Playgroup. 
  • Interpreters are available to support you and your child during Playgroup.


Areas of Focus

Child Development

Health, Nutrition & Safety

Parenting Education & Support

Family Support

Pregnancy & Postpartum

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